Workplace Wellness Packages

We offer bespoke packages for your business. 

Most staff absence is for genuine reasons and is likely to end within seven days, the most common reasons for this kind of short term absence are:

minor illness;


musculoskeletal disorders;

recurring medical conditions;

back pain.

Most long term absence is caused by:

Acute medical conditions.

Musculoskeletal injuries.


Mental ill health.

Back pain.

Give your staff access to relaxing treatments that de-stress, help alleviate musculoskeletal problems, back pain, headaches, promote general all round well being and make your staff feel valued and cared for.

For a prime example of lost workdays locally, do take a look at this link.

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All we require is a quiet space to work from, we provide all the necessary equipment. 

You provide your staff, we show you the difference 

it makes to your workplace.

Packages start from £150 for 4 hours.